Clinical Commissioning Policy Collaborative

The Clinical Commissioning Policy Collaborative (CCPC) meets monthly to review, update and create the Clinical Commissioning Policies and Statements that they CCG use to make sure that the right treatment is provided to the right patient at the right time. The CCPC membership includes representatives from the CCGs Contracts Team, the Medicines Commissioning Team and the Communication Team, Local Authority Public Health, Specialists and GPs. The CCPC also has representatives from the CCG Patient and Public Groups and from HealthWatch so that fairness and equity is part of all discussions about the policies.

The documents that CCPC produce are reviewed and endorsed by the CCG Clinical Commissioning Executive Committee for use by the CCG.

To view these documents, please click on this link.

There are 4 ways of bringing a policy to CCPC:
1) New or amended national guidance (e.g. NICE etc) that impacts on commissioned services
2) New or amended clinical evidence that impacts on commissioned services
3) A new or amended local treatment pathways where the health economy has decided a policy to help clinicians to assess patient's access is needed
4) Review of Individual Funding Requests where a number of similar requests have been received.