Worcestershire SEND information

The Designated Clinical Officer:

  • Provides a contact for the CCG or health providers so that appropriate notification can be given to the local authority of children under 5 years who they think may have SEN or a disability.
  • Supports joined up working between health services and local authorities for children, young people and adult services (0-25 years).
  • Promotes communication of advice to local authorities, schools and colleges regarding the health needs of children and young people who may have SEND
  • Supports schools with their duties under the ‘Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions’ guidance. 
  • Has a lead role in ensuring that there is an awareness and understanding of the SEND Reforms by local Health providers of services.
  • Supports the requirement for local health services that are already involved in meeting the health and medical needs of a child or young person with SEND to contribute to an assessment of all their needs. This is usually given by means of a report to support the application and preparation of an Education Health and Care Plan. The advice should include details of the support and/or care that a child requires to meet the outcomes agreed by the child or young person, their parents or carers, and the health provider.

The DCO is not routinely involved in assessments or planning for individuals, except in the course of their usual clinical practice, but would be responsible for ensuring that assessment, planning and health support is carried out by health providers.

For further advice or information please contact: Hannah Jeffery, Designated Clinical Officer on:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Worcestershire's Joint Local Area Inspection:

Ofsted and CQC jointly inspect local areas to see how well they fulfil their responsibilities for children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The inspection of Worcestershire provision for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities took place between March 2018. As a result of this inspection Worcestershire have an improvement plan to address areas of concern. Further information can be found by accessing the link below to the Local Offer.

The Local Area was due to be reinspected in March 2020, but this was deferred due to COVID-19. Ofsted and the CQC have announced that inspections will start again in April 2021. We were inspected and recieved the report in January 2022. Please find that here.


Worcestershire's Joint Approach to Commissioning 

A Joint Approach to Commissioning SEND Services for Children and Young People can be viewed here: