To enable some of the changes described in this section to happen we need to be much smarter in how we utilise IT, digital innovations and to sharing of data. We have already started this journey and health professionals across Herefordshire and Worcestershire are already accessing information about their patients across different organisations to support improved care.

Over the coming 3 years we will putting in systems that allow increased sharing of information between GPs and hospital colleagues, as well as paramedics to enable people to get the right care at the right time.

A central theme within the national long term plan is Digital First Primary Care. For Herefordshire and Worcestershire this means putting in place more opportunities for citizen to access GPs and health professionals via online resources. Over the next 2 years we ill be putting in place services that will give patients greater choice in how they get health advice be it through apps like the NHS App or Video Consultations. 

Another big focus for us is the creation of a Shared Care Record (ShCR). The Shared Care Record will require us to join up information from different electronic patient records across Herefordshire and Worcestershire and is seen as fundamental to how we improve the quality of care that we deliver.

We will also be helping citizen and health professionals to more confidently choose and identify those apps or digital tools that can support people to self-manage with clearer signposting to Health and Care system we would recommend.

Digital Strategy