Digital live events: Find out more about online and video healthcare consultations and appointments

Engagement Summary 

In November 2020, the engagement team contacted members of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Involvement Network (HWIN), Patient Participation Group (PPG) representatives and people who had completed a survey at an earlier stage of engagement (326 people in total), to invite them to attend an online ‘live event’ aimed at giving participants more information about online and video healthcare consultations The live events aimed to explore how patients could access their GP practice digitally and included methods such as online consultation, such as filling in a form on a website and speaking with a clinician by video call. This piece of work supported the CCG’s Digital First Primary Care Accelerator project.


  • Two live events took place on 20/11/2020 and 25/11/2020
  • 18 participants in total attended. 
  • 9 questions were asked by participants during the live events.


Watch a recording

A recording of the live event which took place on 20 November 2020 can be found here. If you have any questions or comments about the live event, please do get in touch with the engagement at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Questions asked by participants during the live events were (verbatim): 

  1. Could you explain again about 'picture messages?' I don't understand. Which app is this? Our practice uses images sent to a particular email address I think.
  2. As a hearing aid wearer I have been asking for video calls ever since phone appointments were introduced.  Now that they have been introduced due to Covid 19 can we have assurance that they will continue post Covid 19?
  3. What adjustments are available for those with cognitive, visual and hearing impairments? Those with no suitable devices or poor internet connection? Those with English as a second language?
  4. What can be done to make it easier for patients who are at work to have a video or phone consultation. Eg timed calls from the GP.
  5. Will all these methods work for those who are visually impaired?
  6. I have an elderly relative, who I have been supporting in these times, she has recently had a knee operation, and has severe mobility issues. She is not very tech savvy, but worries about technology coming in and replacing face to face especially as Covid 19 is around. How can we reassure those who are in this category that they won't be forgotten?
  7. What is the uptake of video and phone consultations? How do doctors overcome the difficulties of not being face to face?
  8. With a video consultation can patients still see GP of their choice?
  9. Can the patient record the consultation?


Next steps

A recording of one of the live events and a list of the questions asked will be circulated widely via the CCG’s engagement networks and social media channels. Additional engagement and communications will be undertaken to support the Digital First Primary Care Accelerator project.

A follow up event happened on 3 June 2021 updating patients on digital patient services. A recording of this event can be found here.