About Us

NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group was established on 1 April 2020 following a merger of NHS Herefordshire CCG, NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG, NHS South Worcestershire CCG and NHS Wyre Forest CCG.

We are formed of 81 member GP practices and we are responsible for buying health services for 800,888 people across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Specifically, this means we are responsible for:

  • Planning health services, based on assessing local needs
  • Paying for services that meet the needs of our patients (also known as ‘commissioning’)
  • Monitoring the quality of the services and care provided to our patients.  

We hold a budget of £1,19 billion to commission hospital, community and mental health services.

Our vision for the population of Herefordshire and Worcestershire is that, through an integrated care model:

  • ‘Local people will live well in a supportive community with joined up care, underpinned by specialist expertise and delivered in the best place by the most appropriate people’.

This vision is underpinned by:

  • The views of our patients and the public
  • Our understanding of our population’s needs
  • Our need to address the quality, performance and financial challenges across Herefordshire and Worcestershire

We developed this vision in collaboration with our local partners, meaning that it is central not only to what we do, but also to all other health and care organisations across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It focuses us all on a shift towards more joined up, preventative and anticipatory care, with integration across health and social care providers providing seamless pathways across organisational boundaries.

  • Our Constitution

    Our constitution sets out the arrangements to meet our responsibilities for commissioning a wide range of healthcare services for the people of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It is the foundation of our organisation and clearly describes what we are setting out to achieve, and how we intend to achieve it. The Constitution sets out:

    • Who we are as an organisation
    • Who are our membership
    • How we form our Governing Body and the standards those individuals must uphold
    • How and when we make decisions
    • Who within the organisation has the delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the organisation
    • How we will manage conflicts of interest.

    Click here to view our constitution in full. 

  • Our Corporate Objectives

    The CCG’s corporate objectives for 2020/21 have been reviewed and presented to Governing Body and Audit Committee.

    These objectives articulate the overarching aims of the CCG which all directorates are working towards, along with the key enablers which support delivery.

    Click here to view the CCG's corporate objectives for 2021/22.